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Thread Rep

Thread Rep personnel provide comprehensive solutions to these vulnerabilitiespipe threads inherent in the handling and running/pulling of tubulars with premium threads. Our technicians are held to the highest standards, and their responsibilities on a location include:
* Identifying all tubulars for thread compatibility with each other and accessories
* Ensuring accurate drifting, cleaning, inspection and tallying of all joints and accessories
* Ensuring safe and proper handling of tubulars during the entire process
* Continuous visual inspection and monitoring on the rig floor
* Ensuring that the thread manufacturer’s specifications are stringently adhered to throughout each stage
* Supervise the casing crew, torque turn and rig crew during the running and pulling process

Area's We Service:

  • Barnett Shale
  • Eagleford Shale
  • Haynesville - Bossier Shale
  • Hinesville Shale
  • Jackson Shale


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